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    Control your sneeze in Hayfever, an upcoming 2D platformer

    Publisher Zordix and developer Pixadome are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Hayfever, a 2D platformer resembling a very familiar game, but players rely on their sneezing abilities to traverse themselves around!

    Don’t hold back ! your sneeze I mean…

    You play as Thomas, a postman set out to deliver some mail on a fine day. Unfortunately, your inability to suppress your pollen-induced sneeze causes you to scatter the mail that you were carrying along with you. It is up to the player to collect back all these mail scattered around and avoid the wrath of Thomas’s horrible boss. Should you just call in sick for work? or get out there looking for an adventure? Only one way to find out!

    Some in-game features include:

    • Retro-inspired graphics and music: Hayfever features quirky and approachable pixel-art style. No graphic violence (not including broken controllers due to rage quitting!), so it is suitable for all ages. It also has one of the best retro-soundtracks ever made!
    • 140 Challenging levels: Guide Thomas through a boat-load of intense levels, spanning the 4 seasons. Each level contains a number of the letters Thomas lost. They’re optional, but not collecting all of them puts you at risk of facing the wrath of Thomas’ boss (you might also miss out on any potentially hidden worlds…)
    • Unique sneeze-driven mechanics: Use Thomas’ allergies to traverse the world. Different types of pollen will have different effects on Thomas, changing the gameplay dramatically.
    • Speedrunners galore: You thought the levels themselves were challenging? Wait until you start competing against other players in the weekly speedrunner challenges!

    Hayfever is under development for all major platforms including Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. a Q1 2020 release date has been given for the game.


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