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    Bucket List Events This September: The Samsung Galaxy Flextival Roadshow!

    If you haven’t heard the news yet – Samsung Malaysia Electronics is welcoming the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 with flippin’ sensational roadshows happening throughout the month of September 2022!

    Illuminating and full of surprises, the roadshows delve into the impact of Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 in your everyday life. Held at venues across Malaysia, you will get to see these incredible devices in action. With a wide range of activities planned, there is no shortage of excitement – from capturing the perfect shot from every angle to creating your own unique dance video with Flex Mode; to creating your very own customized Galaxy Z Flip4 and even discovering how you can enjoy total health and wellness right from your wrist!

    Get ready because the fully refined Samsung Galaxy Z series are here to level up your entertainment and social life, so be there!

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Series Consumer Roadshows will take place at the locations below:

    While you are at it – check out the amazing launch promotions and roadshow exclusive deals too! Enjoy exclusive gifts worth up to RM1,398 when you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip4 or Galaxy Z Fold4[1]. You could also stand a chance to win The Freestyle worth RM4,9991. Plus, receive a gift pack worth RM250 exclusively at the roadshows!

    [1]Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.

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