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    Blast Brigade Launches new demo in anticipation of its Early Access Release

    MY.GAMES and Allods Team Arcade have released a demo version of their colourful 2D Metroidvania platformer Blast Brigade.

    Blast Brigade is a colourful 2D action-adventure game that combines intense platformer gameplay with Metroidvania-style exploration. Assemble a team of special agents and shoot your way through a tainted paradise island to take down the evil genius Dr Cread and his army of minions.

    The demo will provide a snapshot of the game and will feature two of the four special agents and two boss fights for players to sink their teeth into. Players initially start out as the brash special agent Jeff J. Jefferson during the introductory stage of the game. After blasting their way through this first segment and defeating its boss, players will be fast-forwarded to a point further in the game where they have access to a second playable character: Shura. Where Jeff is bold and bombastic, Shura is sly and agile, her KGB training and grappling hook giving players a different way to traverse the world and defeat enemies. With Shura on your side, players will also have to defeat a boss to round up the demo.

    In the final game, players will have control over four different characters which can be switched out at any moment during the action to overcome challenges in their path. Each character has their own special gadgets to open up parts of the island paradise players are exploring as is customary in Metroidvania games. Jeff, Shura, Galahad, and Vortex will have to work together to overcome Dr Cread’s evil robotic minions and to stop him from taking over the world.

    Blast Brigade is releasing in Steam Early Access soon and is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S early next year.


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