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    Black Skylands Soaring Fully On All Platforms In Summer 2023!

    Hungry Couch Games and tinyBuild announces Black Skylands to be released on all platforms in Summer 2023. Combining elements of open world, sandbox, top-down shooter, tactics, and adventure games.

    Follow the story of a young, brave pilot named Eva and her trusty moth, Luma as you captain your airship, gather resources, and build weapons as you face off against enemy pirates and the unknown dangers hidden in the clouds.

    Features as shared on Steam:

    • Fight in the skies and on land. Combine aerial and ground fighting tactics by using dozens of upgradeable weapons from your arsenal
    • Gather resources and upgrade your flying base. Create powerful artifacts, tinker in the workshop, construct buildings, set up production, and farm the land
    • Improve your ship. A maneuverable sloop, a spacious barge, or something in between — choose the airship that fits your playstyle
    • Conquer new territory. Liberate occupied lands, strengthen your influence, and unlock new opportunities for yourself
    • Explore an expansive open world. Travel through forests, farms, snowy lands, and ruins, and discover things no one has ever seen before
    • Go on raids to test yourself. Finished the main storyline? Take on tons of different challenges, destroy hordes of enemies, and get unique rewards

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