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    Black Desert Mobile updates brings Ancient Ruins Season 2

    Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile which will bring the 2nd season of the Ancient Ruins Battle mode. The 2nd season of the Ancient Ruins will see Kabuamilles returning stronger. Adventurers that previously has faced him as an “Ancient Warrior” can now fight him again but now as a “Protector”. Adventurers can now obtain more precious rewards and gain knowledge on Kabuamilles up to level 50 in the renewed Ancient Ruins.

    There will also be Bounty Mission added to the game after completing “The End of Southwest Calpheon Adventurers” challenge. The mission will reward Adventurers with items such as Black Stone, Shakatu Exchange Certificates and Standard Palette Chests. The rewards will be given out randomly with missions rewarding Adventurers with different items.

    The update also allows Adventurers to produce JIN Liverto gear via their Camp’s Blacksmith with Magical Residue and 2 Socket Mystical gear. The JIN Liverto gear is a powerful piece of equipment that has basic options higher than those of the 2 Socket Mystical gear and allows Adventurers to equip three crystals.

    Finally, Tier 5 pets have arrived in Black Desert Mobile. This will help Adventurers further grow their power by exchanging Tier 4 pets for Tier 5 pets with new skill such as increased AP, DP, and Field Silver Drop Rate.

    Black Desert Mobile is available for download on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.


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