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    Mobile : Barnstorming Arcade Game Chicken Pox Now Available on iOS & Android

    Chicken Pox, a new mobile game developed by indie studio Nosy Jones, has launched today. Set on an idyllic farm, this deliriously engaging experience offers players egg-shaped escapees, wacky vehicles, and addictive gameplay they’ll come back for again and again.


    In Chicken Pox, the goal is to help a chick named Pox collect eggs before the timer runs out – which is only possible thanks to vehicles such as the Tractor, Speedboat, Submarine, Lawn Snipper, Hay Truck, Pirate Ship, and a Unicorn (!) … just to name a few. To succeed, players must blow past erratic sheep within the allotted time as their vehicle weaves in and out through grazing cows and other obstacles.


    Skilled drivers who have mastered the farm can also unlock two other environments – Ocean and Airport – and may also notice that a secret picture is revealed as each level is completed … a nice Easter egg (pun intended!) if there ever was one. Pictures can be easily shared on social media – taking bragging rights to a whole new, agrarian level.


    “We’ve been working on Chicken Pox for five years now and have loved every minute of it,” says Andrew Daniel, co-founder of Nosy Jones. “After an exciting soft launch, we can’t wait for the rest of the gaming audience to pay a visit to the farm and enjoy some egg-grabbing action!”


    Key Features

    • Drive and fly awesome vehicles – all with their own unique trails.
    • Reveal cool pictures by collecting the eggs in order!
    • Explore stunning 3D environments such as the Farm, Ocean and Airport!
    • Find all the hidden blue eggs in each level for bonus rewards.
    • Compete against your friends to be the Chicken Pox king!
    • Customize Pox and the eggs by mixing and matching hats, glasses, and masks in hundreds of cool and funny combinations!
    • Unlock fast paced mini-games that test your skill and reflexes.
    • New content added regularly!


    Chicken Pox is now available on Apple App Store and Google Play store.


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