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    Award-Winning Roguelike City-Builder Dice Legacy Is Coming To Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PS4 And PS5 On May 26th

    After a successful launch on PC in 2021, indie game studio DESTINYbit, part of Amplifier Game Invest, is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on May 26th.

    Set on a vast and mysterious ringworld, Dice Legacy is a roguelike survival city builder where you, as one of seven unlockable rulers, must lead your realm into prosperity or ruin by rolling the dice. Raise a population, guide your subjects into an untapped territory full of threats as well as opportunities, and work with the Council to pass new policies that can dramatically alter the course of your playthrough. Establish your rule with strategy, curiosity, and dice forged in fire.

    Landing on the shores of an uncharted continent, you embark on a quest not only to rule over a prosperous realm but to explore these new lands and unearth the wicked secrets hidden within the mists of this enigmatic steampunk world. Roll your dice and discover ancient mysteries, veiled civilizations, and powers that are said to be able to alter your destiny.

    The Definitive Edition includes all content and scenarios from the original Dice Legacy release, plus the three major updates: Memories, Forging a Realm and A Storm is Coming, as well as the Corrupted Fates expansion pack.

    Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition rolls onto Xbox and PlayStation on May 26th worldwide.

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