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    Roll your way into greatness, Dice Legacy out now on Nintendo Switch And PC

    DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt celebrate the launch of Dice Legacy, the dice-based survival city-builder that received the Most Original Game award at this year’s gamescom event held in Cologne, Germany. Dice Legacy is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

    Dice Legacy is a roguelike survival city-builder. Players use dice to establish a medieval town in a fascinating ringworld and grow their society.

    Every action is based on the roll of a six-sided die, from planting and harvesting to establishing supply chains or combat. In Dice Legacy, the dice represent the workforce. As a ruler, builder, conqueror, or trader, players will need to provide their dice with nourishment and care or witness their subjects eventually fade away. Balancing exploration, resource gathering, building, and conquering is key whilst the ever-present threat of mysterious factions looms in the fog of war.


    • Your dice represent the subjects of your realm. Keep them happy and healthy by providing food, ale, and medicinal herbs – otherwise, they might starve, get sick, be injured in combat, or even freeze to death in the unforgiving cold of the winter blizzard.
    • Adapt your playstyle to the procedurally generated ringworld that is waiting for you to explore. Chart the wilderness, gather resources, and construct new buildings to establish your rule. Recruit new subjects and research new technologies as you build your strategy to survive the winter.
    • Your population starts out as humble peasants, but as you roll your way to a clever strategy, they advance and become citizens, soldiers, priests or merchants. Work with the Council and pass new Policies to keep the various dice classes happy and potentially change the course of the game.
    • Roll. Die. Repeat. Unlock all 6 rulers and find out which fits your playstyle best. Face different starting conditions and get the hang of varied wager abilities. Every playthrough of Dice Legacy is unique and presents you with the chance to discover the secret that is hidden in the mists of the ringworld.
    • Discover mysterious civilizations and reveal the secrets of the ring. Defend your settlement against The Others. Find out who they are, how they got to this uncharted land, and what lurks in the mists beyond their city.
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