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    Aquatic Adventure Dave The Diver, Surfaces For Steam Early Access

    Players are invited to take the plunge into a hybrid marine adventure, awaken ancient mysteries and keep their sushi restaurant afloat in DAVE THE DIVER, available now on Steam Early Access.

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    From the creative minds of MINTROCKET, DAVE THE DIVER is a charming underwater exploration tycoon set in the Blue Hole, an immersive abyss teeming with life. Tasked with catching fish to maintain his sushi restaurant, Dave explores perilous waters, faces off against giant creatures, and unearths ancient mysteries.

    Players who dive into the game will experience:

    • A vast undersea world as they traverse stunning underwater 3D pixel art environments to discover remnants of a lost civilization hidden in the deep
    • Thrilling boss fights against deep-sea goliaths as they upgrade weapons in a fight to survive the depths
    • Running a sushi restaurant, capturing the soul of the sea in their dishes with freshly caught ingredients, serving customers in fast-paced minigames and making friends along the way
    • All new content and minigames including food critics, seahorse races, and vegetable and fish farms
    • Opportunities to discover the traces of a lost civilization and uncover the mystery of the Sea people
    DAVE THE DIVER received an overwhelming positive reception when it was featured in Steam’s Next Fest showcase in June, so we’re confident players will enjoy spending time in the game with all of its latest updates – We’re looking forward to hearing what players enjoy most as they journey through the depths of the ocean to uncover mysteries, battle epic underwater giants, manage a sushi restaurant and play a variety of minigames.

    Jaeho Hwang – The Director of DAVE THE DIVER

    Players can explore early access now on Steam for PC in English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

    DAVE THE DIVER is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. Players who pick up the game during the first week of launch will be offered a 10% discount, reducing the price to $17.99.

    This entitles players to the whole of the content from the early access period of development, as well as the post-release content.

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