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    Worth It – PlayStation Plus Game Catalog Adds Dave The Diver, Available Now

    Time to dive right into this captivating gem by developer MINTROCKET, a game I’ve casually enjoyed on my PC. Dave The Diver’s adventures of diving into PlayStation 5, especially since it’s free to download this month via the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog; a thrilling prospects.

    Thrilling in the sense of added PlayStation-exclusive DualSense features for that added spice of immersion experience as shown in the trailer below.

    Details as shared on PlayStation:

    Join Dave, a professional diver, as he catches unique and delicious fish during the day and serves hungry patrons at a seaside sushi restaurant by night.

    Created with an art style that combines 2D pixels and 3D art, the game’s setting of Blue Hole feels alive with natural wonders – not all of which are obviously of this world.

    Get to know Dave’s quirky friends on and off the water as you manage to catch the day’s menu while keeping customers’ bellies full.


    • Ever-changing underwater exploration

    Dive into the mysterious Blue Hole, where the ecology and terrain is always changing, and discover its many secrets. There’s more in these depths than mere sushi ingredients.

    • Keep your customers satisfied

      Each evening, Dave oversees the running of a sushi restaurant, serving up what he’s caught in the day. Use your profits to hire staff and upgrade your diving gear.

    • Generous side dishes

      Side content and minigames unlock as you progress. Take photographs of underwater life, race seahorses, collect unique cards, cultivate a farm, and more.

    • PlayStation 5 features

      The DualSense controller’s haptics offer a realistic feeling of a hooked fish tugging the line, and its adaptive triggers respond differently depending on the weapon you’re using.

    • Free Godzilla expansion

      Additional content is coming to Dave the Diver post-release, featuring the King of the Monsters itself, Godzilla.

      This free expansion, due in May 2024, brings with it not only Godzilla but further enormous threats, lurking in the depths of Blue Hole.

      Dare you to dive down to face these creatures? Of course, you do. Dave is a professional, after all.

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