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    Apex Legends: Ignite – Bringing New Legend, Maps & Features

    Respawn Entertainment has released news of the latest update coming for Apex Legends called Apex Legends: Ignite. The update includes a new Legend, map updates and much-awaited features.

    New Legend: Conduit

    Conduit is like a firework–warm, bright, and short-lived. To rise quickly, Rowenna must don a combat rig made of an incomplete Monarch Titan that she knows is poisoning her. But it’s a price she’s willing to pay for her dream of being a Legend. At home, she’s the core of her large family. She smoothes over issues with her humour and sunny disposition all while hustling and sacrificing quietly–something that’s unchanged in the Games.

    Despite the fact she’s exchanging her life and health to be Conduit, Rowenna is having fun because she knows the Apex Games. Expert, fan, supporter–she’s there and she has the replays saved and filed, and her teammates and rivals know she’s there to win.

    Storm Point Map Update

    There will also be an update to fan favorite map Storm Point which is aimed to create more fun factors without compromising competitive integrity.

    • Add attractive, central POIs for players searching for combat. Wattson’s Pylon and CETO Station provide central hot drops for players looking to fight early.
    • Reduce overall map size to improve mid-game pacing. Significant map size reductions to both the southern coastline and northern mountainous areas make these zones more attractive for early combat and reduce the overall distance between squads.
    • Reduce the friction of central rotations. With CETO Station replacing Prowler Island and a reworked Prowler-less Forbidden Zone, rotations through the center of the map have never been smoother.

    All the new POI can be viewed on Apex Legends’ official news update blog.


    With the arrival of Season 19, Cross Progression is set to launch in a phased deployment across existing platforms in Apex Legends. Players should be on the lookout for an in-game prompt that will enable them to migrate their content and progression through Cross Progression.

    For more information and platform restrictions, players can check out the Cross Progression blog.

    Ranked Update

    Promotional Trials are launching in Ignite. Prove your skill to earn your promotion up to the next Rank tier. Upon reaching the peak of a Rank Tier, one must complete a set of time-limited skill challenges to earn their tier promotion. Promotional Trials ensure a minimum skill level for each Ranked tier.

    Skydive Holosprays

    Taunt your opponents on the ground and now in the air with Skydive Emote and Holospray. equip them using your wheel to use them while in flight and it will follow your flight path for a limited time or if a different Skydive Emote or Holospray is used.

    There will also be patch notes will be posted in the future. Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale-hero shooter which is available for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

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