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    Anno 1800 – Free To Play For 5 Days On PC And Consoles

    Ubisoft is kicking off a “Free Week” event for its popular game, Anno 1800. From November 2 to 6, PC users can jump into the whole game for free on platforms like Ubisoft Connect, Epic, and Steam. This offer is also coming to Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, but from November 9 to 13.

    During this Free Week, everyone who plays gets to check out everything Anno 1800 has to offer. The best part? If you buy the game after trying it, you won’t lose any progress you’ve made. For PC gamers, there’s also a special package called the Definitive Anniversary Edition, which packs even more into the Anno 1800 experience.

    There are also deals to be had. Players can get the game, past Year Passes, and cosmetic items (like the recently released Cosmetic Pack Bundle 2) at lower prices during this period.

    What’s more, Ubisoft has a cool offer for next-gen console gamers. From November 9 to 13, they can bring friends into the game during the Free Week and earn some special rewards for doing so.

    Anno 1800, created by Ubisoft Mainz, is all about building cities, making tough decisions, and creating your own world during the Industrial Revolution. Players get to build huge cities, manage resources, explore new lands, and even deal with other players by trading, talking, or fighting. It’s all about showing how good you are at running a world!

    So, mark your calendars for these dates;

    • November 2 – 6, PC on Ubisoft Connect, Epic, and Steam.
    • November 9 – 13, PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X|S
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