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    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space collaboration with Persona 5 Royal coming soon

    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, a J-RPG by developer WFS, will be having a collaboration with Persona 5 Royal. Joker and Morgana will be playable and available for free within this collaboration with other characters from Phantom Thieves making appearances. There will also be a Joker x Aldo finisher move added into the game. Here is the story from the official site news.

    It all started from a small wish made on a single flower.
    The Phantom Thieves decided to follow that wishful voice
    into the blue light.

    Together with the time traveling adventurers, their destinies were
    brought together.
    Go beyond time and space, to a point where two souls who
    should not have met, come together. The door to a new world opens.

    Jeers of the puppeteer resonate throughout the darkness of the
    shadow tainted sphere.

    The collaboration will start on 11 December simultaneously on both the Japanese and English version of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. Players have to complete Chapter 2 of the main story to play the event prologue. Completing the event storyline will reward the player with Joker and Morgana. The game is available for iOS AppStore and Android Google Play Store (with a Switch version coming soon).

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