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    The Arts, Cosplay & ETC 2019 (ACE) – Small, Yet Enjoyable.


    Presented by team AniManGaki (AMG), the Arts, Cosplay & ETC 2019 (ACE) event kicked-off yesterday (January 16) at The Starling Mall @ Petaling Jaya, the entrance fee is RM 10 per day, the event would last till Sunday, January 17. For those of you who missed Saturday, you’d still have one more chance (Sunday) to check the event out.


    What’s the difference between ACE and AMG?

    Coming from the same people behind AMG, one would naturally wonder how the ACE event is different than its more established and popular cousin, the AniManGaki. After spending half a day at ACE, I’d say that both events are similar in theme but different in nature. ACE seeks to connect the local talents within the ACG community with a broader crowd, whereas, AMG has always been more of a celebratory event that continues to empower its faithful ACG community on a yearly basis.

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    My Impression on ACE 2019.

    • On the Venue itself – Spacious walking space (thank god!). Comfortable Temperature. Less Crowd.
    • Exhibitor Booths that focuses on Arts – There are some interesting exhibitions if you are into painted/drawn arts. It was especially meaningful when I could actually communicate with the artists comfortably without a Mongol Army pushing me along the path like it would in the AMG.
    • Casual and Special Guest Cosplayers brightening the event like any ACG events. (Our team had fun taking photos with them).
    • Competitions and Talent Shows – One of the highlights of the day was when the 3 Featured Artists (Rachel, Kazel, and Kendylife) went up on stage to duke it out with each other in a Live Art Battle. There were also some nice stage performances.
    • Workshops – Although you can hardly hear the presenter’s voice due to the low volume from the PA System, it’s still an interesting experience to learn from the trade and craft specialists.
    • The Usual Friendly Atmosphere – Perhaps it is because we are all people of the same weird species. Communication and Interaction have always been the easy part in events like these, ACE is no different.
    • Entrance Fee is only RM 10 per day – If you come here with an interest in Arts and more, you’d find that entrance fee a small price to pay.

    What the future holds.

    If the organizer is seeking to make ACE a modern “Talent – Knowledge – Experience” exchange hub between established artists/craft specialists and aspiring ones, then they have succeeded in emitting that vibe in this event. Though ACE still seems to be an experiment at the moment but if the community sees its value and responds to it positively, there is no doubt that it will only grow from here.

    Here’s hoping for another one next year for this small, yet enjoyable event.

    Enough Talk! Wanna See Some More Photos?!

    Please be informed that this album only shows the general shots of the event with a focus on the exhibitors. For Cosplay Pics, please click here.

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