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    SHENMUE III – Gamescom Trailer ‘A Day in Shenmue’… Showing You Some Kung Fu…


    Publisher Deep Silver and developer Yu Suzuki’s Ys Net has revealed the official Shenmue III Gamescom trailer. Titled ‘A Day in Shenmue’, the trailer offers a tour into the world of Shenmue III and the fighting system.

    Here’s the trailer.

    If you feel sad after watching the trailer, know that you are not alone. I have so many things to about it but so few can be said without me getting labeled as rude.

    This is the game that was announced in 2015 at the great E3 event under Sony’s umbrella and broke two Guinness World Record for successfully raising $6 million dollars. This is the game they said was made for PlayStation 4 and PC but for some reason looked like they meant PS2 and my PC from 15 years ago.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this game is coming out this November 19, 2019, if it’s not delayed again.

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