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    Face-Paced Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler & Brawler – ReadySet Heroes, Available for Pre-Order Now on PS Store.


    Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) has announced that the Robot Entertainment developed fast-paced multiplayer dungeon crawler ‘ReadySet Heroes‘, will be released on the PS4 on October 2, 2019. The digital standard version of the game will be priced at MYR 79, on the Malaysian R3 PlayStation Store.

    About ReadySet Heroes
    From the creators of the Orcs Must Die and Hero Academy IP, ReadySet Heroes is a fast-paced multiplayer dungeon crawler and arena brawl. Choose your character, then race through random dungeons to slay monsters, dodge traps and collect tons of loot to power-up. You’ll need it as there’s an opposing team racing through the same dungeon! Whoever reaches the end of dungeon first triggers an intense “winner-takes-all” arena brawl. Two teams enter, one team left standing.

    Battle to power up your Hero in Minutes!
    You start with only a wooden sword and must quickly battle through the dungeon. Looting & scavenging for stronger armour, more powerful weapons & spells to gain new abilities to take on the fiercest of foes.

    Co-op and Competitive Play
    Team up with a friend & battle your way through the dungeon & compete in the winner-takes-all arena brawl. Play locally with (or against) your friends with up to 4-way split-screen or go online and play with others*.

    Every Game is Different
    Pick your favourite hero, customize their look and prepare for battle. Picking your character is just the start, what you find in the dungeon will change everything.

    Easy to Pick Up and Play
    ReadySet Heroes taps into the classic couch-multiplayer action offering short session, high-energy and easy pick-up and play games


    Pre-Order Bonus

    Digital Pre-order starts on the PlayStation Store today, August 21, 2019. PlayStation Network offers premium digital contents to those who pre-ordered the Digital Standard Version of the game.

    Get the following items when you pre-order by October 1, 2019.

    • ReadySet Heroes Theme (For PS4)
    • PSN Avatars
    • ReadySet Heroes Original Soundtrack
    • PlayStation Hero Crown, Player Skin

    ReadySet Heroes is launching on October 2, 2019, on the PlayStation 4.

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