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    Esports for All – Malaysia Announces First Ever Para Malaysia Esports League

    Malaysia’s first-ever Para Malaysia Esports League 2021 (Para MEL21) is calling for registrations through the national esports platform, with the main prize pool of RM10,000. Aimed to encourage aspiring esports athletes to register on to start on their esports journey, Para MEL21 is in line with the Malaysian government’s objective to develop the esports scene while providing a safe and inclusive ecosystem for the local gaming community where anyone can become professional gamers, regardless of their identities.

    “Providing opportunity for all to participate has always been the backbone of KBS’s programs and initiatives, and this includes esports. As esports continue to become a global phenomenon and is growing to become one of the biggest industries in the world, it’s important to ensure that access is given to as many esports enthusiasts as possible and that includes people with disabilities (PWD). As a continuation to the hugely successful Malaysia Esports League 2021 (MEL21) that concluded on 1st September, KBS through ESI would like to expand the league specifically for PWD.”

    Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal bin Dato’ Azumu – Minister of Youth and Sports

    Para MEL21 is a month-long tournament organised by Techninier and Esports Integrated (ESI), an initiative to catalyse a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive esports ecosystem under the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) in collaboration with the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) and is supported by Malaysia Disability Youth Council (MBOKU). Endorsed by KBS, the tournament is a part of the National Esports Blueprint to promote inclusivity within the local esports ecosystem through a programmatic approach.

    “ESI’s vision is to create and promote a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive ecosystem which enables growth, ensures protection and expands diversity. By organising the first ever nationwide esports league for PWD, this vision of ours is coming closer to full completion. Para MEL21 embodies the spirit of ‘esports for all’, and we hope that by kickstarting this tournament, more industry stakeholders, organisations and event organisers will start giving attention to the underserved PWD segment. Esports, through competition and peripheral activities such as streaming, hosting and casting, is a healthy and viable career option for PWD.”

    Ahmed Faris Amir – CEO of ESI

    While esports has been growing for the past 20 years, it is yet to fully embrace full inclusivity within its many tournaments and programs. PWD especially, do not have a nationwide platform to compete and showcase their skills to a larger market compared to able-bodied people. Together with the assistance of fellow citizens, industry players and related agencies, KBS aspires to bring PWD-only tournaments into the mainstream, in similar veins to the Paralympic Games by International Paralympics Committee (IPC).

    “The gaming community has become a major player in showcasing one of the best platforms for youths to engage their peers, through esports and this industry is continuing to grow rapidly. We are pleased to be a part of this initiative that recognizes esports as an important youth engagement platform while creating a supportive environment for them to thrive, especially PWD. We hope this will encourage more youths who are interested in esports to register on so that we can provide them with the best resources to realize their esports dream,”

    Jufitri Joha – President of MBM

    “With esports gaining more awareness and popularity, I wish that today’s youths including youths with disability (PWDs) would be able to reap the benefits that esports offer. Many countries have hosted their own Paralympics, allowing disabled athletes to compete and showcase their ability. Thankfully this idea is beginning to cross over into esports. This is a historic event as we promote inclusivity through esports. We hope all youths with disability would grab this opportunity to register and join the tournament,”

    Faiz Shuhaimi – President of MBOKU

    “Understanding that there are very few channels for disabled youths to show off their esports skills, we are pleased to partner with ESI and MBM to launch the Para MEL21. This tournament is the first step Malaysia is taking to open doors to more opportunities and empower PWD esports players to break out in the professional scene, and Techninier actively supports them on every level. Through, we endeavour to provide a safe, credible and inclusive esports ecosystem for all walks of life in the gaming community that enables them to interact and learn from each other. As long as they have passion and ambition, we believe that anyone, regardless of their identities or abilities deserve a fair chance to play no matter if they are hardcore gamers or casual gamers,”

    Dato’ Lion Peh, the CEO of Techninier

    Para MEL21 will run from now till 24 October. Throughout the month, all players registered on can also participate in the Hebat Challenge featuring Techninier’s self-developed game Super Jones for an RM1,000 prize. The main Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM) para-esports tournament will be held on 18-24 October where players will battle it out in respective solo and squad categories for the total prize pool of RM10,000. Additionally, the PUBG champions of Malaysia Esports League 2021 (MEL21) have been invited to participate in a PUBGM Show Match on 9 October in conjunction with the Malaysia Esports Festival (MEF), which is open to all registered players.

    This is an opportunity not to be missed to test out your gaming skills. Register on now while slots last!

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