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    Playstation Virtual Reality [PSVR] : Coming October 13!

    I can hardly contain my excitement as the day draws nearer! We have all Imagined the “What If, I were to live in a game world?” scenario and with the arrival of the PSVR, its almost as if our childhood dream is coming true! Well maybe it won’t be perfect, but still a very good first step Isn’t it ?

    Coming soon this October 13, the PSVR will be launched for those who pre-ordered. As far as I know, there are only 100 units for the so called “First Batch” buyers in Malaysia and we are so fortunate to have been able to secure ourselves 2 Units here in BunnyTeam ! We are also working with one of the VR Game making studio for some awesome giveaways to some lucky people! So stay tune as we bring you more PSVR Reviews, VR Game Reviews and Updates! Brace yourself gamers! As we take another meaningful step towards reaching our dreams. What a timeee to be alive ! a

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