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    Day 1 – CyberFest 2017 Wow…

    Good Morning from CyberFest 2017 at Empire City Petaling Jaya!

    Just wanna share with you guys how our first day (Yesterday) at CF went, it was a fantastic new experience for us, we came for the 3 Days 2 Nights LAN Party event so we brought our gaming gears and some clean underwear with us. Yes, we will stay here until the end of the event on the 26th of November!

    Things are great so far, we had lotsa fun yesterday!

    1. Made some new friends and game with them! Some even came over to our table for some Taiko No Tatsujin session
    2. Saw an Introduction to AMD’s latest tech masterpiece “Ryzen”, we didn’t win any prize in the giveaway tho!
    3. Visited different booths in the Sales Expo section and got a free item code for Arena of Valor [Mobile Game]
    4. We played Overcooked, 4 players in one session and it was chaotic but fun.
    5. Our goood friend and dear clan member Totoro reinforced our BT LAN Squad with soft drinks and hung out with us for a bit! You are the man bro! Thank you the very muchie.
    6. Participated in the “Ice Breaking” session hosted by Malaysian Battlefield Team with sponsored prizes from Cooler Master! We didn’t win any physical prize but did make some new friends!
    7. We went to take a shower at the shower room located next to an Ice Skating Rink! The water was so cold! It was 12.00am [Midnight] when I went for my shower, it was quiet, peaceful and cold around the Rink. The whole experience was amazing.
    8. At 1.00am the President “Donald Geram” graced us with his appearance and fired up the LAN Party people with a mini game! We managed to win something this round but someone walked away with a High Range Gaming Chair from E-Blue that would normally cost RM3,000 plus, wow!

    9. It was all game and fun until we called it a night at 3am but that was us, most of the LAN players were still going strong and kept playing. Yes, this is home, this is where people like us belong.

    So yesss that was how yesterday went for us, Day 2 is still young, well we just woke up! Will update more soon but meanwhile, GAME ON!

    See the Full Day 1 at CyberFest 2017 Photo Album Here!

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