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    Unboxing Black Desert’s Dark Knight Figurine – Absolutely Amazing

    When our friends at Pearl Abyss shot us an email about sending us a figurine for our office decor, my immediate impression was we were about to receive some Funko pops. It didn’t take long before I clicked on the link they shared and saw for the first time what was coming.

    Several weeks later, a package came. I wasn’t surprised by its size because I’ve seen it in the link already but my mind was still coming around to the fact that Pearl Abyss had just sent us one of only two thousand Dark Knight figurines they produced in collaboration with Blitzway, a South Korean figurine maker known for their quality work with DC and TV character figurines.

    For those uninformed, the Dark Knight is one of the 23 classes available in Pearl Abyss’ flagship MMORPG title, Black Desert. Since the game first launched on PC in 2015, the game has gone on to enjoy multiple successes including an established multi-platform presence on PC, Mobile, as well as the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

    Each of the 23 classes is unique and with its own skillsets and specialty. When I first saw the game some years back, I thought this was a game that spent an amazing amount of time and level of effort in class designing because the classes all looked intricate and alluring.

    The Dark Knight is probably the most recognisable class in the Black Desert universe – the class is known for her reliability as an assuring damage dealer and, of course, her iced cold gaze and elegant beauty.

    The figurine is safely encased inside a custom polyfoam box and the box itself is neatly strapped. My initial impression upon seeing this packaging was that it reminded me of the iceboxes people use in the market to keep their fish but polyfoams are actually very reliable because, despite their soft texture, they are sturdy against impact, light, and cheap to produce.

    Sleeping comfortably inside the mould of her box is the figurine itself. “Beautiful!”, was my first impression of it. The base for the figurine and all the detachable accessories are also neatly stored beneath the figurine, each with its own plastic wrapper to protect them from scratches and water damage.

    The figurine is 550mm tall including the base with a width of 400mm and a depth of 350mm. That’s 1.8 feet tall with a width of 15.7 inches and a depth of 13.8 inches for those of you more familiar with this unit of measurement.

    Including the package, the figurine weighs an impressive 7 kg (or 15.4 lb), making it one of the heaviest, if not the heaviest official video games figurine we’ve got our hands-on.

    Apparently, they only made 2000 units of this figurine and we are the lucky owner #1704. The material for the base is made of Polystone and PVC and is heavy and solid, allowing the figurine to stand on it confidently.

    Assembling the figurine and its parts to the base wasn’t hard. We just needed to fit the parts into the existing holes on the base and they all fit quite easily.

    Here’s the fully assembled and full height photo of the figurine with the LED light at the base turned on.

    The level of detail and workmanship on the figurine is astonishing. A great deal of effort in design and production has gone into ensuring a quality finish and it really shows.

    The head of the figurine is made of PVC and its body of Polystone. The figurine itself feels sturdy, despite its delicate design. I was worried that some parts would be loose or fragile but, thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

    The switch to turn the LED on and off is smartly hidden under one of the flooring slabs near the figurine’s feet. But it doesn’t seem to support charging, I needed to plug it into a powerbank to power the LED. I reckon any power units would do as well.

    The Dark Knight figurine has a price tag of 522.01 USD, that’s RM 2,203, and anyone looking to own one can order it at the Pearl Abyss Store. The price is rather steep for a figurine but the quality the Dark Knight figurine comes with is indeed alluring to the point that the price tag actually made sense.

    All-in-all, the figurine is absolutely amazing. The Pearl Abyss’ Dark Knight figurine from its flagship game, Black Desert, is one of the many video games figurine and collector’s editions we’ve seen recently but when it comes to the level of detail, workmanship, and quality, it stands proudly in a league of its own.

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