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    Yakuza 4 Remaster Announcement

    Sega has officially announced that Yakuza 4 will have a PS4 remastered version releasing soon this coming January 2019 with an official website launched. Below is the announced trailer:

    Some notable changes..

    As you have noticed from the trailers, one of the main characters Masayoshi Tanimura will see not only the changes in the voice actor Hiroki Narimiya as he has retired from the entertainment business but also a total remodel of the character as well. (As the saying goes, if its good why not right? but personally, I believe if you are planning to remodel a voice actor, might as well go all the way to Kiwami it).

    This is him now, feel old yet?

    The game will be releasing in Japan first on January 17, 2019 for PlayStation 4. Expect Yakuza 5 following soon after for Japan in Spring 2019. Hopefully further announcements for western release will be revealed soon (fingers crossed)

    Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

    He is actually very shy, introvert but no choice, have to go out to buy games. He likes food and food likes him. He somehow manage to find a job with the right time accommodate to gaming. He has a very short attention span, therefore has to finish a game fast or else a simple pun can distract him for the entire day. Yes a Pun, he loves puns as much as he loves games; easily distracted, whichever comes next.

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