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    Turn-Based Strategy RPG “Tears of Avia” set for summer launch

    CooCooSqueaky in collaboration with publisher PQube has recently announced its JRPG theme turn-based strategy, Tears of Avia, is coming to PC and Xbox One this Summer 2020.

    Welcome to the World of Estera.

    Build your team

    Build a party of charismatic allies and utilise the vast skill-tree system to combine classes as you lead your party across Estera in search of the lost city of Avalon. By venturing out into another ancient long-abandoned city for secrets, as you choose your moral personality that may determine your party’s reaction, narrative choices, and Estera’s ending.

    The game comes with the following tactical features:

    • Choose to play as different characters with their own abilities and views on the war
    • Customize Your Party to Your Own Play Style– By combining classes such as Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Brawler & Priest to suit your tactical preference.
    • Expansive Skill-Tree System- Customize and combine skills to experiment with how they chain together to create a fulfilling reaction for the players.
    • Dynamic Storyline- Make choices to shape your party, story, and affects the dynamic of your party with added new side missions that are triggered just by discussions between different characters.
    • Create your own party spanning over 5 classes and multiple playable characters with their own upgrade tree.
    • Strategize your way by creating combo attacks or negate damage from your enemies.
    • Weapons-Based Skills – In-game skills can be derived both from class and the weapons you equip adding a new layer of strategy.

    Tears of Avia, is coming to PC and Xbox One this Summer 2020.

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