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    Winds of Change – a powerful visual novel about shaping the world with your choices is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 3rd!

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised 392% of its initial goal, developer and writer Kyle Lambert, better known as Klace with the help of Crunching Koalas, presents Winds of Change, a touching story of fighting for what’s right against all odds, fully voiced and accentuated by beautiful visuals is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 3rd!

    Winds of Change tells a tale unlike any other, mixing light-hearted, almost idyllic scenes of everyday life with the intensity of struggling with the fallout of civil war and rebelling against tyranny and acts of malice. Every character encountered on the way has faced various difficulties and must own up to their past in order to secure a brighter future.

    The story of the land of Alestia is one of strife, heroism, and the everlasting fight for freedom and peace. In a land held in a tight grip of ancient forces vying for absolute control, a light of hope shines, lit by a humble Seer, the chosen of the spirits. As the Seer, the player’s choices will affect the lives of everyone in this world.

    Along the way, the Seer will be aided by friends and comrades coming from all walks of life, with deep backgrounds to explore and potential relationships to foster. Everyone has their own story to tell, their own ambitions, goals, and fears. Witness their lives unfold and help steer them in the right direction – to happiness, fulfilment, retribution, or even love.

    Key Game Features:

    • Bond with a varied cast of characters
    • Make difficult, impactful choices that shape the world
    • Dive into a beautifully crafted world of stunning visuals
    • Immerse yourself in a fully voiced, complex story
    • Explore a mature, dark fantasy setting

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