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    Welcome to Viridis. Graphic Adventure Neon Blood Premieres First Trailer

    Indie publisher and distributor Meridiem Games and developer ChaoticBrain Studios reveal the first trailer for the dark JRPG/Graphic Adventure title Neon Blood.

    Coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch via digital stores later in 2024, Neon Blood is a JRPG/Graphic Adventure with a 2.5D aesthetic, based on the use of 2D PixelArt sprites with 3D-modeled environments.

    About the trailer

    This first trailer, titled Welcome to Viridis, unveils gameplay from Neon Blood and several spectacular scenes animated by the fantastic team at Sunshine, known for their work on several major titles in the industry in recent years, both in trailers and in-game animations.

    Neon Blood can be added to your Wishlist on PC and PlayStation now, with Xbox and Nintendo Switch going live soon.

    About Neon Blood

    In the year 2053, after the Third World War, humanity was reduced to a single megacity, Viridis, formed by two cities, the luxurious Bright City and the dystopian Blind City.

    Axel McCoin, a detective from Blind City, will be motivated by his ideals to rebel against the injustices caused by the drastic class difference between the two cities that exist in the dystopian society they inhabit, becoming a symbol of a revolution.

    In his adventure, Axel will encounter powerful allies who will help him in his purpose as well as enemies who will stand in his way, such as Ruby Emerald, who will do everything possible to thwart Axel’s plans.


    • Neon Blood features an elaborate and deep story with a cyberpunk theme that serves as a thread to tell Axel’s story, which will be marked by the relationships he will establish throughout his adventure, showing the player the different realities of the two cities.

    • In Neon Blood, we embrace a 2.5D aesthetic, based on using 2D PixelArt sprites with 3D-modeled environments, maintaining an aesthetic differentiation between flat characters and the environment with depth.

    • Explore the two deeply contrasting cities with markedly different aesthetics – the futuristic sc-fi cityscape of Bright City and dark, gritty cyberpunk inspired Blind City.

    • Use the investigative skills of detective Axel McCoin to reveal Viridis’s dark secrets and set in motion a revolution that could destroy the foundations of society.

    Neon Blood will launch digitally for PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch in 2024. Wishlist the game now on PC and PlayStation (Xbox and Nintendo Switch will follow soon)

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