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    Visual Novel LoveKami: Divinity Stage – Sets a stage for Nintendo Switch launch this coming November 26th

    Publisher and developer MoeNovel recently announce the upcoming LoveKami: Divinity Stage which will be launching digitally on Nintendo eShop on November 26th for $14.99, while preorders prices are slashed to $11.99. This romance visual novel was first launched for PC in December 2016.

    Here is an overview of the game, via

    The Goddesses Descend!

    It was a time when people had forgotten their dreams and lost faith.

    The silhouettes of goddesses revealed themselves to people who, at the time, could only believe in what they saw in front of them.

    The confusion surrounding the countless goddesses appearing in Japan was soon solved through the reveal that Japan’s guardian deity, Amaterasu, wanted to teach the goddesses about the human world.

    All of this brought about the implementation of the Divine Education Act.

    A year passed and numerous goddesses and humans got to learn about each other, got to know one another, and came to a mutual understanding.

    The subculture holy land and heart of Divine Idol culture, known as Akihabara, housed the seven lucky goddesses that dominated as idols in L☆SEVEN.

    Next Generation Goddess Auditions!

    Divine Idol chicks, go on to spread your wings!

    A glamorous and splendid contest is being held, containing everything that goddess’s dreams are made of!

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