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    Vibrant Isometric Strategy RPG Rainbow Skies Out Now on Nintendo Switch

    Eastasiasoft Limited are proud to announce that their vibrant isometric strategy RPG, Rainbow Skies, is available now on Nintendo Switch. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world brimming with vivid visuals, intricate dungeons, and classic turn-based combat mechanics.

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    Set in a vibrant and dynamic universe, Rainbow Skies introduces players to Damion, a budding monster tamer aiming to pass his final examination. Unfortunately, a disastrous hangover sets off a chain of events that lead to both his exam failure and the accidental destruction of the monster compound. Attempting to cover up the mess only escalates the situation, throwing Damion and his examiner Layne into the midst of a conflict between two rival superpowers.

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    Explore a meticulously crafted world teeming with enchanting dungeons and engage in traditional turn-based battles that require both strategy and wit. Tame an array of captivating monsters and choose from an impressive arsenal of weapons, equipment, and skills to shape your characters as you see fit. Dive into a plethora of engaging side quests, bustling towns, and tantalizing secrets that beckon you to uncover their mysteries.


    • Dynamic Trio: Embark on a journey following the intertwined fates of three young heroes, as they learn the true power of friendship.
    • Unleash Your Potential: Upgrade characters, weapons, equipment, and battle skills to mold your heroes into formidable forces of nature.
    • Hidden Riches: Unearth concealed treasures and valuable collectibles as you traverse the diverse landscapes of Rainbow Skies.
    • Game Within a Game: Take a break from epic quests with a variety of mini-games, including a captivating turn-based fishing challenge.
    • Vibrant Encounters: Meet a memorable cast of friends and foes in a world bursting with life and personality.
    • Strategic Mastery: Engage in tactical turn-based battles and unleash devastating skills upon your opponents.
    • Monster Companions: Breed and level up a diverse assortment of monsters to bolster your party’s strength and versatility.

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