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    After Almost Four Years in Development, PlayStation 4 Exclusive, Vane, is Finally Here.


    After almost four years in development, Tokyo-based independent studio Friend & Foe proudly announced that its exploratory adventure game, Vane, is now out as a PlayStation 4 exclusive for $24.99 / €21.99 / £17.99. (RM 103 est).

    Starting in a ruined desert, Vane is an exploratory journey, where players will transform between bird and child form to unravel the land’s mysteries and create a path forward through this expansive landscape filled with ominous caves, mysterious machinery, and harrowing storms.

    As they roam this mythical wasteland, the world reacts to their passage, evolving and building into something altogether different.



    The game is the culmination of more than four years of development by the Tokyo-based expat studio Friend & Foe Games, a team with AAA experience spanning titles like The Last Guardian, Killzone, Battlefield 3, and Bionic Commando.

    Developed with the conviction that players should find their own path through the world, Vane is an enigmatic and unnerving game that aims to leave an impact. The result is a minimalistic, stark environment that encourages exploration just to the edge of getting lost, all set to an all-original brooding synth soundtrack.


    Vane began more than four years ago with a prototype depicting a child lost in a desert storm, which is a bit like Vane’s development itself as we went rogue from AAA development to the wondrous, often intimidating great unknown that is indie game development,” said art director Rasmus Deguchi. “The game Vane turned into is better than I ever dreamed all those years ago and I am so proud of everyone at Friend & Foe for seeing this journey through with me. We can’t wait for you all to experience this crazy adventure.”


    Vane, is now out as a PlayStation 4 exclusive with a price tag of $24.99 / €21.99 / £17.99. (RM 103 est).

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