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    V Rising Launches On PlayStation 5 Now

    Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios is excited to announce that the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 version of their open-world fantasy survival Action-RPG, V Rising, is out now.

    Following a phenomenal 1.0 Steam launch on May 8th, which garnered rave reviews from critics and captivated a rapidly growing community of players, PS5 users can finally experience the thrill of V Rising.

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    Awaken as a vampire, construct your own majestic castle, avoid the burning touch of sunlight, and explore a massive open world with seven regions and 57 formidable boss fights. Whether hunting alone, playing solo, or allying with friends online, rise to power and challenge Dracula himself in an epic battle to dominate the night.

    Key features include:

    • Immersive hands-on Action-RPG combat with the DualSense gamepad
    • Survival crafting gameplay: construct your vampire castle and arm yourself
    • Hunt for blood and navigate shadows to avoid the deadly sunlight
    • Explore a dark fantasy world filled with fearsome creatures and dangerous foes
    • Conquer over 50 powerful bosses to gain their abilities and rise in power
    • Customize your gameplay with 11 weapon types and 50+ spells
    • Style your vampire with a variety of armor appearances and color options
    • Confront and defeat Dracula to rule the night

    PlayStation 5 Perks

    In collaboration with Auroch Digital, Stunlock Studios has fine-tuned the PlayStation 5 gameplay experience, including UI enhancements and DualSense game controller support.
    Console players can also delve into the thrilling Legacy of Castlevania event, a collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI). Battle the legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont and unlock the iconic whip weapon.
    Alongside that free Castlevania content, players can purchase the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC for 19.99 EUR/USD, featuring character customization and castle designs inspired by Castlevania’s classic gothic style.


    The Complete Edition includes all cosmetic packs currently available in the game: the Eldest Bloodlines Pack, the Dracula’s Relics Pack, the Sinister Evolution Pack, and the Legacy of Castlevania Pack, offering a comprehensive cosmetic bundle for dedicated players.

    All available editions:

    • Standard Edition for 39.99 EUR/USD
    • Castlevania Edition, including the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack for
      59.99 EUR/USD
    • Complete Edition, including all cosmetics DLCs for 99.99 EUR/USD
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