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    Unlock Instant Control And Infinite Creativity With The Razer Stream Controller

    Razer, announced the Razer Stream Controller, an all-in-one solution that streamlines content creation and places all the functionality that creators will ever need right at their fingertips. The Stream Controller offers endless shortcuts, easy multi-tasking, and instant access to any function, with near limitless software compatibility through its fully customizable touchscreen, commands, dials, and more.

    Instant and complete stream and content control

    Streamers and content creators alike can let their creativity flow with the Razer Stream Controller, with its user-interface specifically designed for intuitive organization by prioritizing multi-tasking and customization. The 12 haptic switchblade keys are bindable to an infinite number of commands and macros while the customizable icons allow for easier visual navigation. Powered by Loupedeck, nearly every aspect of the controller is customizable, all the way down to the haptic feedback range, allowing for the ideal level of tactile response. The 6 tactile analog dials provide on-the-fly audio adjustments​ to conveniently tweak the levels of audio, media, and other channels, as creators manage it all at a glance using the controller’s dynamic LCD touchscreen. The 8 programmable buttons also let creators seamlessly toggle between multiple workspaces or activate common commands.

    “Creation is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. That’s exactly what Razer’s sole focus is with our streaming suite of tools we’re putting in creator’s hands,“
    “Through our fully integrated cutting-edge hardware and software approach, Razer empowers creators to not be restricted by their tools, but instead only by the limits of their imagination.”

    Richard Hashim – Head of the Mobile & Console Division at Razer

    When creators finish their streams, the work doesn’t end there. Livestreams must be edited and published on social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. The Razer Stream Controller enables creators to organize all of their commands into dedicated layouts called workspaces that can be mapped to 8 programmable buttons for easy access, and cycle through them using a dynamic touchscreen with finger swipe control for the fastest access.

    Leading streaming and content creation software compatibility for plug-and-play convenience

    Razer and Loupedeck have come together to combine their expertise in streaming and content creation to deliver an all-in-one software experience for creators. With customization at the forefront of the design philosophy, the new software on the Razer Stream Controller enables gamers, content creators, and live streamers to find all the tools they would need, all on one platform to precisely tailor their workflow.

    The Razer Stream Controller is powered by an easy-to-use, optimized UX, allowing creators to drag and drop commands to easily customize their control deck. Creators can find all the commands they need on one convenient location through the new Marketplace, which has an ever-growing range of plugins, profiles, and icon packs to suit any creator’s needs. In addition to the tools available in the Marketplace, creators can create their own custom actions and take it further with macros that perform a string of commands at the touch of a button.

    The Razer Stream Controller is a powerful and compact customizable control deck for streaming, productivity, photo and video editing – with a highly adaptable user interface that works across all facets of streaming, editing, design and general system control. Creators can level up their next stream and unleash their full creative potential with the Razer Stream Controller.


    • Interface: 12 Haptic Switchblade Keys, 2 Side LCD Screen, 6 Tactile Analog Dials, 8 Programmable Buttons
    • System requirements: macOS X 10.14 (and later), Windows 10 systems, Loupedeck software
    • Size: 151 x 101.5 x 30.2mm
    • Weight: 210g (Stream Controller only), Angle Stand is 216g (Including Detachable stand)
    • Connectivity: 2-meter USB-A to USB-C cable
    • Inside the box/Package Contents: Razer Stream Controller, 2-meter USB-A to USB-C cable, Detachable Stand


    £259.99 GBP / $269.99 USD / 269.99€ MSRP Coming in Fall 2022

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