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    Home News Turning up the Tactical RPG heat with The Last Spell

    Turning up the Tactical RPG heat with The Last Spell


    Clearly inspired by classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, The Last Spell comes from developer CCCP with pixelated art and turn-based tactical RPG mechanics infused with rogue-lite mechanics. Battle hordes of monsters as you lead a team of heroes in this dark fantasy title.

    The Mist that brings chaos

    In the age of war, crazy mages summon a mysterious purple mist called The Cataclysm. As the mist thickens during the night, not only does it bring about hordes of hellish monsters but it also either kills whoever enters it, drive them mad or turns them into bloodthirsty monsters.

    You will lead a group of warriors to protect the last of the mages in the hope they will cast The Last Spell which will banish all magic to save them all.

    Turn-Based Tactics Features:

    • Manage your squad, mana as means of survival, class-less skills and bonus perks
    • Defeat enemies, each with their own behaviours
    • Rebuild the safe haven of what remains in civilization
    • Don’t forget to build traps, walls and watchtowers for better protection
    • Procedurally-generated enemies, maps, characters and weaponry
    • Don’t forget that as you fail, you will get stronger later

    Protect your mana circle for PC and MAC via Steam this coming 2020. Followed up with Nintendo Switch later on.

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