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    Turn-based strategy RPG Reverse Crawl, coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

    Indie publisher Digerati and one-man developer Nerdook Productions (Monster Slayers, Vertical Drop Heroes) are delighted to announce that turn-based strategy RPG, Reverse Crawl will be available for Nintendo Switch on May 10th, 2019.

    Since it’s release on PC, Reverse Claw has earned praised for its simple yet challenging strategy mechanics and unique premise. It’s is a classic dungeon crawling premise that puts players in claws and armoured boots for monsters, undead and other fantasy enemies with the quest to defeat the heroic warrior and the red queen.

    HonestGamers: “There’s a real depth of choice that encourages multiple replays, especially when some of these decisions start affecting the game’s ending. But there’s also a tactical depth that I’m not sure I expected”
    IndieGamesPlus: “Reverse Crawl is lighthearted and accessible enough to be appealing to folks who aren’t necessarily into tactical RPGs… a refreshing take on the genre”
    IndieGameReviewer: “…for what it is – a light tactics game that’s easy to pick up and heavy on the charm – Reverse Crawl excels”

    It’s a fast paced turn based strategy RPG that let players lead mobs of monster minions back from the grave into battle against elder Armies of the red queen. The Switch version also features an exclusive brand new local PvP mode to complement Campaign and Endless modes, while the game’s UI has been specifically modified for Switch version.

    Key features

    • Vanquish foes using a deceptively deep tactical turn-based combat system
    • Assemble an army of dark dungeon dwellers, including skeletons, zombies, goblins and more
    • A dynamic campaign that’s different each time, complete with a branching storyline
    • Battle your way through Campaign and Endless modes, and an all-new local PvP mode
    • Unlock new minions, traits and powers as you play
    • Created by one-man indie machine, Nerdook (Monster Slayers, Vertical Drop Heroes)

    Reverse Crawl will be available on Nintendo eShop on May 10th, 2019.

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