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    Triple Pack of Turn-based Adventure/Tactics Fun, Braveland Trilogy, is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

    Braveland Trilogy is an epic turn based game developed by Tortuga Team and published by Ellada Games. It consists of three RPG adventures which are the original Braveland, Braveland Pirate and Braveland Wizard which will be made available on Nintendo Switch!

    Players are able to experience rich storytelling while exploring the colourful hand drawn environments, gather resources, meet interesting characters and battle with evil lurking around every corner. All players will be able to enjoy these classics with other players either on the go or on the TV as it features same screen multiplayer. Each entry offers a different kind of experience which will promise fun and excitement all around.

    • Braveland: The first game in the series, Braveland boasts inspiration from classic turn-based titles such as King’s Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic. Players begin their journey as the lowly son of a warrior whose village was ravaged, and whose eyes are set on victory — and revenge.
    • Braveland Wizard: As a graduate of the magical academy, players find themselves equipped with a talent tree and three schools of Battle Magic as they set out for adventure. With new allies in tow, players have endless opportunities to discover what the world’s many grim dungeons have in store!
    • Braveland Pirate: Take on the role of swashbuckling Captain Jim, whose compass is always directing him to the next big treasure hoard and thrilling exploits! Players are equipped with everything a sea dog needs — a loyal crew, a faithful ship, and plenty of devious schemes! Only droves of the undead stand between Captain Jim and the Eternal Treasure…

    Braveland Trilogy is available now on Nintendo eShop now for USD 14.99 (approx MYR 62).

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