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    Time Master Will Bring The Timey-Wimey To Platforming In Early 2022

    Solo developer MorpheusZ Games is excited to unveil their upcoming whimsical 3D puzzle platformer Time Master. Coming to PC via Steam in early 2022, Time Master follows the talented wizard Zeno as he tries to undo the pretty big oops of accidentally banishing his sister to a prison vortex.

    Reluctant to take up his wizard’s staff again after making his sister go poof from the material realm, Zeno has decided to heed the advice of a mysterious voice (not suspicious at all, right?). The voice tells him that to set things right, he’ll have to make it through a series of trials created by the Ancients. Players will guide Zeno through a wide variety of tightly timed puzzles where they’ll flex their skills of strategy and dexterity.

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    Time Master isn’t your run-of-the-mill go-it-alone type of puzzle platformer. Zeno being the adept wizard that he is, will be collaborating with his past self throughout every challenge. Players will need to coordinate between Zeno’s past and present selves in order to overcome each puzzle’s obstacles.

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    While Zeno works to recover time fragments, his story unfolds in a series of cinematic fully-voiced scenes that pack some comedic punch and a slew of surprises. Players will help Zeno create time paradoxes and use them to his advantage and get his sister back on Steam in early 2022. For an early look at Time Master, download the demo on Steam now.

    Features :
    • Experience a fully voice-acted cinematic story that delivers surprises and laughs.
    • Take on the challenge of the Ancients and master a wide variety of puzzle mechanics.
    • Use Zeno’s ability to rewind time and collaborate with his past self to overcome obstacles.
    • Recover time fragments by either unlocking trials and completing them in the order you choose or by perfecting previously completed trials.
    • Oh, and help Zeno get his sister back that he “accidentally” banished.
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