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    Time to challenge your managing skills and your way with pets in Hellopet House

    What happens when you take the most 3 known factors of game management – house management, cooking skills, and taking care of pets? Appxplore brings to Hellopet House.

    Appxplore has brought us Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen which has been doing well thus far. Now with a brand new game that touches upon the love of pets and house management and very lovable graphics which I am sure it will entice many casual gamers out there.

    While management games have that slight stress-inducing tag labelled on it considering everyone has had their challenging share in managing our own lives. Hellopet House promises to be casual and light on its challenges but good enough to get your vested interest.

    Features of Hellopet House includes:-

    • Managing the decor of your home with your pets


    • Rescue and collect tons of adorable looking cats and dogs


    • Bond with your pets by playing with them


    • Meet with interesting characters as you progress in the story


    • Participating in exciting gameplay with tons of fun levels


    • Ability to choose your decors for the mansion

    Hellopet House will be officially released on November 17th and it is now open for pre-register on both the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

    Shayn has been playing games of all kinds to the point he has no favorites. He just plays all and studies all. An unorthodox gamer cum barista -- or was it the other way around. Loves coffee and games with equal passion. He always needs his cup of Joe before hitting the start button of every game he plays. In addition, he considers Dark Souls the epitome of epic gaming proportions in terms delivering epic moment while making gamers feel like they are just tiny ants. He really needs his coffee fix.


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