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    Three Interesting Looking Indie Retro 2D Platformers – Super Catboy, Berserk Boy and Kraino ReAnimated

    Here are some of the interesting-looking platformers with retro-style graphics such as Kraino ReAnimated, Super Catboy, and Berserk Boy – all of which are not only interesting but unique in their own way.

    Kraino ReAnimated

    Developer Angel Dorantes and publisher GameAtomic present a Hi-Bit action platforming, Kraino ReAnimated comes with swashbuckling melee combat, magical abilities, epic boss battles, and secrets hidden throughout.

    Source: Next Indie

    Summary as shared on Steam:

    Slash your way through nine action-packed levels, ranging from dusty old crypts to an active volcano’s core! Gain awesome abilities along the way to aid you in your adventure, like the hellfire punch, and the executioner’s axe!
    There are nine levels (some with branching paths), fun mini-bosses, and an epic boss battle at the end. Each level also has hidden secret rooms with loads of treasure, hidden health, and essence upgrades to help you on your quest!.

    Super Catboy

    Developer Pixelpogo and publisher Assemble Entertainment shares their platformer,

    Super Catboy packed in a high-bit pixel art style, combining the best elements of the golden 16-bit platformer era of the 90s. Super Catboy will launch on Windows PC and Mac via Steam in Spring 2022. The demo is available now for those who are interested to try it out.

    Source: Assemble Entertainment

    Details and features as shared on Steam

    Meet Super Catboy, together with his crazy sidekick, Weapongirl, he leaves nothing but chaos in his wake while trying to thwart the shady plans of his evil creator. He must run, jump, dash, climb, shoot, and fight his way through hordes of dog soldiers armed to the whiskers with the latest sneaker technology. If you love the 80s and 90s, 16-bit platforming, catchy tunes, ‘furmidable’ boss fights, cats and hate dogs, (just kidding we love them) then you’re in for a treat.

    • Super Catboy combines the authentic style and features we came to love in the 16-bit pixel platformer era, created with high-bit pixel art aesthetics.
    • Old-school style meets new-school features! Super Catboy marries old-school platforming with new run’n’gun and beat ’em-up mechanics.
    • Hone your platforming skills while taking on the hench-dogs of an evil scientist and sabotage his plans to take over the world – with ‘cattitude’ of course.
    • Enjoy a huge ‘repawtoire’ of different moves and master a deadly arsenal of weapons and melee combos.
    • Unlock bonus stages, such as challenging motorbike and mine cart chases.
    • A fun and action-packed story with loveable characters and challenging bosses at every turn.
    • Unravel the story’s yarn via detailed pixel art cutscenes and diverse levels, such as snow-capped mountain ranges, mystical forests, and derelict factories.

    Berserk Boy

    Developer BerserkBoy Games and publisher Big Sugar shares a gameplay video (The MIX Next 2021) of Berserk Boy showing off a hand-drawn pixel art fast-paced sleek action platforming blend with a retro feel. Dashing and smashing into enemies, chaining combos along the way for high scores and ranks. Berserk Boy is currently scheduled to launch Q4 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The demo is available now for those who are interested to try it out.

    Source: Big Sugar

    Features as shared on Steam:

    • Change into different Berserk forms: Merge with the five Berserk Force Orbs – Lightning, Fire, Earth, Air, and Ice – and absorb their unique abilities!
    • Go Berserk! Chain together combos to fill your Berserk Meter and activate a form’s special attack! Upgrade and become even more powerful!
    • Explore New Hope City and beyond: Jump, dash, slam, and slide through multiple sprawling stages! Find alternate paths and hidden collectibles!
    • A modern adventure with a retro feel: Slick and stylish platforming action inspired by a love for the genre greats! Play for big scores and fast times!
    • Music by Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes: Full original soundtrack pumping with high-energy 16-bit nostalgia! Enjoy the beats as you Go Berserk!
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