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    This Is How Combat Looks In ‘Airborne Empire’ – Game Coming In 2024

    The Wandering Band, a BAFTA-nominated indie development team, is gearing up for the 2024 release of Airborne Empire, the sequel to their acclaimed city-builder game Airborne Kingdom.

    A first look at the game is available in the newly released gameplay trailer, showcasing innovative mechanics and fresh features new to the Airborne series.

    Set in a world of high-flying adventure, Airborne Empire invites players to pilot a burgeoning flying city, steering it toward becoming a thriving metropolis. The game builds on the foundational elements of its predecessor, challenging players with resource management, population happiness, and mastering the mechanics of lift, balance, and propulsion.

    This new installment also introduces combat, a feature highly requested by the community, alongside new buildings, biomes, and story elements.

    The gameplay trailer introduces characters such as Merchant Pyle and Magistrate Agatha, who embody the game’s Ghibli-inspired charm. These characters present players with quests and introduce the game’s pirate adversaries.

    The trailer also provides glimpses of new combat and defense mechanics, including Defense Towers and Cannons, all fitting into the game’s steampunk aesthetic and colony-management gameplay.

    Ben Wander, co-founder of The Wandering Band, credits community feedback for shaping the new features in Airborne Empire, particularly the inclusion of combat. He also highlights the enriched world and storyline in the new game. Players will explore a diverse open world filled with unique biomes, engaging characters, and dynamic quests. The game encourages players to interact with communities below, unlock new technologies, and fortify their city against pirate threats.

    Zach Mumbach, another co-founder and designer, describes Airborne Empire as a blend of city-builder and RPG elements, likening it to an Indiana Jones-style adventure. He is eager for players to experience the uniqueness of the game.

    Airborne Empire is scheduled for release on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access in 2024. For more information and updates, gamers can visit

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