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    Themes Will Go Head-To-Head In LEGO Brawls With The New Brawl Out Update

    Bandai Namco Entertainment is pleased to announce that the Brawl Out update is now available in LEGO Brawls, featuring all-new mashup levels with rivals from classic LEGO themes battling it out while adding an exciting competitive element to the gameplay.

    Brawl out every week this September to see a rotating roster of themes and see which will reign supreme: Western vs. Castle, Ninjago vs. VIDIYO, Pirates vs. Hidden Side, and Space vs. Jurassic! Players can collect new content from the time-limited Brawl Out Mystery bags, including T-Rex Fan, Robot Warrior, Rogue, and more.

    Plus, players can bring home the gold in the new Trophy Rush game mode. This game mode challenges players to collect the most gold studs to win.

    LEGO Brawls is a family-friendly, brick-based, team-action brawler with cross-platform play (cross-play) and multiple game modes that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, skill levels, and play preferences. Players build and compete with custom, one-of-a-kind LEGO Minifigure brawlers tailored to their personality, strategy, and play style with more than 77 trillion customization possibilities. Moreover, the game features iconic LEGO-themed levels, from beloved classic themes like Space and Castle, to fan favorites such as LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO NINJAGO, and LEGO Monkie Kid.

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