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    Find Your-Many-Selves In The Sims 4 With Bretman Rock

    Electronic Arts is joining forces with barrier-breaking creative-entrepreneur Bretman Rock for the “Find Yourselves” campaign, inviting everyone to discover all the different sides of themselves by exploring life without boundaries in The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is the ultimate self-discovery tool where freedom reigns supreme and players have the power to create any version of themselves and find out who they can become – in the game and in real life.

    “I’ve been playing The Sims since I was a kid and am beyond excited to be teaming up with the brand to encourage everyone to discover and celebrate all the many sides of themselves. In The Sims, I’m able to try on many different versions of myself in a world without boundaries and judgement, and I want everyone else to feel how freeing and exhilarating that is. Be who you want, date who you want, dress how you want. Come Find Yourselves with me in The Sims!”

    Bretman Rock

    The Sims has a long history of empowering people to discover and express the different versions of themselves, giving them the freedom to experiment with the Sims they create, the stories they tell and the worlds they build. For the “Find Yourselves” campaign, The Sims teamed up with Bretman Rock, an internet sensation with more than 50 million followers who is known for his vibrant personality and hilarious takes on life, to help players embrace the chaos that comes with self-discovery, and connect with ideas, experiences and the many versions of themselves they couldn’t yet explore in real life.

    Inspired by classic coming-of-age sitcoms, in the “Find Yourselves” campaign, viewers meet multiple sides of Bretman Rock – Teenage Goth, Sassy Dad, Motherly Chef, Excited Astronaut and Urban Cowboy, living together in one, big, weird, could-only-happen-in-The-Sims family.

    “The Sims continues to build a platform for players to create and explore without boundaries. Bretman Rock is an advocate for all to embrace being true to themselves, and together, we hope to encourage players to celebrate that coming-of-age chaos that creates defining moments and new opportunities, inspiring them to discover the many different sides of themselves – both in The Sims and in real life.”

    Julia Victor – Senior Director, Head of Brand, for The Sims

    For a limited time*, The Sims is helping players find their #SimSelves on TikTok with a Branded Effect customizable filter that allows them to try on different Sims-inspired personas such as Pastel Goth or Mermaidcore through augmented reality. When they “reveal” their new Sim self, a themed effect will activate, adding to the vibe of their selected persona.

    Players are invited to share their own stories of how The Sims helped them find their selves with the community on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok using the hashtag #SimsSelves.

    Players interested in learning more about the “Find Yourselves” campaign can follow @TheSims on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, like The Sims on Facebook, and visit

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