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    The Sims 4 Introduces Jewish Food Options And Reveals Caliente Household

    EA and Maxis revealed new and exciting updates to The Sims 4. Beginning now, Jewish food items will now be available in Sim kitchens everywhere… AND the most flirtatious, fiery household, the Caliente family, just got a major in-depth refresh.

    With these new and exciting updates, players will have the opportunity to cook cherished Jewish foods or explore an entirely new heritage and cuisine. Simmers can also delight in the lore surrounding the drama-filled Caliente Household.

    In The Sims 4, players can discover the world of beloved Jewish foods, by recreating meaningful family recipes in-game or by exploring a completely new cuisine.

    With this new update, players will have access to two traditional Jewish dishes that can be prepared and served in their Sims’ homes, including matzo ball soup and challah bread, both originating from Eastern Europe. There is something for every Sim (and Simmer) to enjoy – and is also a great way for players to sample some of the most beloved parts of Jewish heritage and cuisine.

    The most flirtatious and fiery Sims family is also getting a major in-depth refresh in The Sims 4. We are of course talking about the Caliente family – Nina and Dina, a feisty set of twins, along with Katrina and their favorite acquaintance, Don Lothario. Players can return to check out the new updates to the scandalous and drama-filled life of the Caliente sisters, exploring the lore surrounding their existence and other prominent non-playable fixtures of The Sims’ franchise.

    NPCs continue to play a major role in making each neighborhood feel immersive and lived in, and the Caliente family continues to provide entertainment to long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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