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    The Settlers: New Allies Is Out Now On Consoles

    The Settlers: New Allies is arriving on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Luna now. The team has been hard at work to bring the game to consoles, and they can’t wait to see your Settlements come to life.

    Console Highlights:

    • A comprehensive input scheme with no loss of functionality compared to traditional controls.
    • Full Cross-Play and Cross-Progression compatibility between all platforms, including PC.
    • Possibility to invite friends through Ubisoft Connect regardless of the platform they’re using.


    The console version of The Settlers: New Allies launches with all game modes and content already available on PC.

    • 13 Campaign Missions
    • 13 Skirmish Maps for Multiplayer PvE and PvP
    • Hardcore Mode for players who are looking for an extra challenge in a solo or co-op PvE environment.

    Nintendo Switch

    On Nintendo Switch players will experience a few exceptions compared to the other versions of the game:

    • When disconnecting from a Multiplayer match, players on Nintendo Switch will not be able to reconnect.
    • Connecting Residences will not show a visual connection between the buildings (archways, etc.). This does not affect gameplay.
    • In 4vs4 Skirmish matches all players will be limited to 250 unites (down from 500).
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