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    The creature of the night takes over the digital boardgame, Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition coming to Steam!

    Nomad Games has announced that their upcoming title Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition will be launching on Steam sometime in November 2020. Check out the game’s trailer below:

    It’s the early 19th century. Europe has been peaceful since Count Dracula’s cruel plans were stopped. That was until people started mysteriously disappearing. Until victims were found drained of their blood. Until the signs that Count Dracula has returned to Europe were too many to ignore.

    In Fury of Dracula, Dracula is controlled secretly by one player, traversing Europe in a bid to create an unstoppable army of vampires. Dracula’s opponents, four iconic Vampire Hunters, must work together to track down the Count, and destroy him before it’s too late. Gameplay being similar as to how players operate a digital boardgame, Fury of Dracula gives players the opportunity to be creative in their moves, and determine how the Count takes out his opponents!

    Day and night cycles are present in the game, giving opportunities to both Dracula and hunters to prepare and execute their plans as and when they see fit.

    Each hunter provides a new way to play, with unique stats and abilities to aid them in the fight against this ancient evil. Dracula himself has a range of unholy powers to call upon, allowing him to transform and enthral humans, along with transforming into a bat or mist in order to escape the hunt.

    Will you survive the night?

    Be sure to check out the game’s Steam page to keep up to date on the release date.

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