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    Rid the land of enemies with ooze like characters in Teratopia, coming to all major consoles and PC

    Eastasiasoft has recently announced the upcoming release of Teratopia, a classic 3D action platformer/brawler for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Trailer below:

    Teratopia is a festive experience that doesn’t pull any punches. Combat and exploration take place in real-time, seamlessly incorporating strategic beat ‘em up action with accessible RPG elements.

    Take control of 3 Teratopians as they fight to reclaim their lush and beautifully terraced homeworld from disgusting alien invaders! Employ their unique skills to traverse 13 different landscapes, each overrun with obnoxious enemy hordes and filled with deadly traps. Face 11 challenging bosses and overcome them to rescue your friends!

    Join Tucho in his quest to rescue his friends and liberate the colourfully grotesque lands of Teratopia! Take on the land where enemies are hell-bent on stopping you.

    But fear not! The power of friendship arms you with fellow Teratopians and a diverse set of skills to face a family of red invaders.

    Immerse yourself in an adventure full of action, and strategize on-the-go to better overcome your foes! Play as either Tucho the brawler, Benito the shooter, or Horacio the trickster, each with their own strengths and skills.

    Game features:

    • Enjoy a story full of family gags and funny situations.
    • Play as 3 different avatars, each one with unique skill sets and 5 summonable units.
    • Travel around 13 colourful landscapes in a completely open-world map.
    • Challenge and defeat 11 bosses.
    • Unlock entries in the Teratopedia and customize your favourite character with 4 different costumes.
    • Get in the mood with an orchestrated original soundtrack!

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