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    The Chant – Tantalising Teasing Trailer Terrifies Transcendental Travellers

    A new trailer, teasing the story of The Chant – a third-person horror action-adventure game due to ship later this year has been unveiled.

    About The Chant

    Welcome to the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat on remote Glory Island. Discard your baggage from the past and transform your Gloom to Glory.

    When a ritualistic chant goes wrong, the negative energy of the group opens up a dimension of cosmic terror. To survive, you must uncover a cult mystery of both past and present as the others slowly go mad from a host of parasitic creatures.

    These horrors prey on your own fears, which will be fatal unless you carefully balance your mind, body and spirit. Choose to flee or fight with an assortment of spiritual weapons and abilities to seal up The Gloom and escape from Glory Island.

    “We aim to surprise players with an off-kilter mix of 1970s cult horror and New Age spirituality.  As a boutique studio we have the freedom to try new things, and we’re challenging ourselves each day with our first title, The Chant.”

    Mike Skupa – Creative Director

    The Chant – developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter will ship on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC later this year. Check out more details on the game at the links below:

    Official Website:




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