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    System Shock Global Release On May 30th

    The wait is (almost) over. The PC edition of System Shock – the fully-fledged remake of the ground-breaking original from 1994 – will go on sale on May 30th this year.

    The team had hoped to bring the game to market by the end of March, but that turned out to be just beyond their reach; the team is after all merely human (unlike Shodan!)

    The System Shock remake combines the cult gameplay of the iconic original game with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and all-new sounds and music. From never before seen enemies and quality-of-life gameplay tweaks, to a revamped hacking system and visceral new combat options featuring a brutal dismemberment system, the System Shock remake welcomes players new and old back to Citadel Station and the arms of the delightfully villainous SHODAN.

    Players use a combination of stealth, cunning, and futuristic weaponry to make their way through Citadel Station’s all-new areas; players will encounter traps, puzzles, and secrets in their quest to try and save Earth from destruction.

    The PC edition of System Shock is available to pre-order via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store – and includes a free copy of the upcoming System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for all early buyers. The newly released Steam Next Fest playable demo can be found on the respective storefronts.

    Console editions of System Shock will release on PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox One and Series X|S in due course; more details will be revealed soon.

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