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    Puzzling mysteries comes in The Bradwell Conspiracy this October

    What do you get when you combine portal-Esque gameplay and some mystery thriller elements? Developer A BRAVE PLAN is finally bringing their first game called The Bradwell Conspiracy to all major platforms. Interestingly enough, all platforms seemed to be getting different dates but in the same week. This first-person narrative game puts you in the shoes of an unnamed attendee at the Stonehenge Museum during the Summer Solstice of 2026. Amidst the visitation, the museum itself is struck by a disastrous event that has the whole museum in rubbles. You wake up, feeling lost and all you got at your side is a pair of Augmented Reality glasses by Bradwell Electronics. Along the way, you will also be assisted by another employee named Amber, whom like you, is also stuck at her own area (usually within your vicinity).


    With the help of Amber, you will set off on an adventure to find routes to escape the crumbling museum. The game also features many puzzles along the way and you have to use everything got to get pass them and that also includes working together with Amber to even opening code locked doors. Along the way, it seems you will have access to what seemed like a gun of sort that picks and place objects which would assist you greatly in many of the puzzles that come your way. Considering there is a conspiracy in its theme (the title itself is already a big hint), you will uncover more depth and story of the conspiracy as well as events that are happening there.

    Published by Bossa Studios, this is A BRAVE PLAN’s first game that is now under the studio’s belt. That being said, the team is consist of very experienced people who were part of many AAA titles in the likes of Batman, Tomb Raider as well as Fable. Given that knowledge, I can safely say, the game will be in good hands and able to deliver good quality fun.

    The Bradwell Conspiracy will launch on the 8th October for the Playstation 4, 10th October for the Switch and 11th October for the Xbox One.

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