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    Tetris Effect : Price Announced – Pre-order Starts Today!

    Okay, hold your pants together, Sony and Enhance Inc have just announced today that the pre-order for Tetris Effect starts today, October 16, and has plenty of goodies lined-up for early birds who pre-orders. The suggested retail price for the Digital Standard Edition is MYR 129, and the Blu-ray Disc Standard Edition is MYR 139. Check out the Pre-Order bonus below!




    Pre-order bonuses include the following items:

    • Tetris® Effect Original Soundtrack Sampler
      Digital pre-order and the initial run of physical disc version will include a code to download a seven-track Original Soundtrack Sampler, including the fan-favorite song “Connected (Yours Forever)” featured in the Tetris Effect announcement trailer.


    • Tetris® Effect PlayStation®Network Avatars
      Digital pre-orders will receive a code to download seven different PlayStation®Network Avatars, all based on real in-game avatars you can earn in Tetris® Effect by completing various challenges.


    • Tetris® Effect “Yours Forever” PS4TM Dynamic Theme
      Digital pre-orders will also receive a code to download a custom Tetris® Effect PS4TM Dynamic Theme that features the oft-requested “Connected (Yours Forever)” song from the game’s debut trailer, as well as a beautiful re-creation of the initial “The Deep” stage from the Tetris® Effect game.


    The pre-order begins today, October 16, and Tetris® Effect’s releases on November 9, 2018. Below are some screenshots to make you drool.

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