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    Teaser Unveiled For Space Turn-Based Survival Brawler, Space Prison

    Wooden Alien, a new Kraków based development studio, announced today that their debut title, Space Prison, a tactical turn-based survival brawler with cell-based building elements and a unique social ladder system, is coming to Steam PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

    Set in an intergalactic maximum security prison in the darkest hole in the universe, Space Prison is an experimental entity, that gathers both guilty and innocent alien creatures under the jurisdiction of the artificial system. Taking on the role of one of the odd alien creatures, gamers will uncover the mystery of this grim facility and a legendary convict who is said to have escaped it. Space Prison’s unique social ladder system will see players forming alliances and enemies in a fight for survival; joining gangs and earning respect to rise to the top and, maybe one day, reach the ultimate goal: sweet freedom!

    Space Prison features a diverse cast of questionable cosmic characters, each with their own special abilities, as well as weapons and equipment that can be crafted and upgraded. On the inside, players choose one of the galactic gangs to join, each supporting a different play style and unique mechanics, as well as its own secret gang hideout. The game also serves up plenty of cell-base customization, collecting junky scraps and improving super-fancy furnishings: rocky crafting bench, storage in the hole behind posters, and all the prison-break essentials.

    Space Prison combines survival with tactics and social dynamics – We wanted to create a game that would immerse players in a detailed sci-fi adventure universe and offer them a truly unique gameplay experience. With Space Prison, we believe we are well on our way to achieving that goal and are thrilled to be bringing it to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players

    Hubert Kubit – CEO at Wooden Alien

    More information on Space Prison, including the game’s release window, will be announced in due course.

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