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    Team17’s The Survivalist has been released right now!

    Team 17’s newest title The Survivalists out now on all major platforms. The game’s emphasis on surviving on an island with nothing but with a twist is quite the focal point.

    The game takes place in procedurally-generated islands, where players can explore, craft, and even train a troupe of monkeys.

    The part about training monkeys is one of the interesting features as the monkeys themselves can be trained using its Monkey Mimic system to assist in a variety of tasks.

    The tasks can be chained together like a production line to make surviving a little bit smoother.

    Other key features of the game include the ability to play with up to 4 players as the game supports online. With the ability to play with other players makes way for an interesting interaction when it comes to helping one another to make life on a deserted island better.

    There is also a huge array of items both great and small can be crafted from weapons to tools and even structures to shelter everyone in.

    The Survivalist is out now on Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam, and it is also an exclusively on mobile through Apple Arcade.

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