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    Team-Based Shooter Caliber Releases On Steam

    1C Game Studios officially announces that its free-to-play team-based shooter Caliber is now available on Steam. Watch the launch trailer below:

    To mark the release of Caliber, the 1C Game Studios team offers a Special Steam launch time-limited event that also starts on April 12 and will last until April 19. The rules are simple — win five times in any mode, except for the Prologue, each day and earn coins. When you fill the progress bar, you will be able to claim the reward.

    Additional information about the event can be found on the official website

    1C Game Studios has also published the Steam Q&A that covers the most frequently asked questions regarding the Steam release, including linking accounts. You can read about it in detail in this article.

    An online multiplayer third-person shooter, Caliber’s gameplay is based on tactical cooperation between players, who each take on one of four roles represented by dozens of operators. Offering PVP and PVE, the key to victory in Caliber is a proper assessment of the situation at hand and coordinated teamwork among all players.

    There are 68 playable operators in Caliber, with 17 real-world special forces units across 12 countries, including USA, UK, Israel, Germany, and France. Each operator in Caliber has a unique set of skill sets, weapons, and special abilities:

    • Assault – The fastest unit, capable of flanking the enemy to get behind their lines.
    • Marksman – Provides cover and eliminates targets at long range.
    • Medic – Heals and revives allies and is effective in combat at close and medium range.
    • Support – Heavily armed operator with lots of HP and armor. The Support’s main goal is to divert the enemy’s attention and disrupt their attacks.

    Caliber was launched into open beta during late 2019, and has been constantly evolving from player feedback since then.

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