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    Synced Launching This Summer On PC

    Publisher Level Infinite and developer NExT Studios announced that the upcoming companion-based looter shooter SYNCED will be available on PC, this summer. It was additionally confirmed that the title will also be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions and release dates for these platforms will be confirmed soon. Featuring intense PvE and PvP modes, SYNCED is set to add a new twist to the shooter genre as players get to transform their greatest enemy into their biggest strength.

    SYNCED is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter set in the near future of our world, where nanotechnology has become the backbone of civilization. In the wake of a cataclysm known as the Collapse, the nanomachines have turned against their creators, consuming humans to propagate themselves and transforming into deadly Nanos. In this apocalypse, players take on the role of a Runner, brave fortune-seekers who scour the Meridian for the valuable nano-energy substance known as Nerva. Players will team up in squads of three to encounter high-octane PvE and PvP battles.

    The twist?

    Runners can sync with any Prime Nanos they take down, turning them into Companion Nanos and then strategically deploy them against the Nano hordes and opposing players. Each of these Prime Nano classes – Crusher, Suppressor, Guardian, and Seer – have their own abilities, allowing Runners to select the one best suited to their playstyle. Runners can equip two Nanos at a time and switch between them on the fly. Get up close and personal then unleash the Crusher. Scout for incoming threats and loot your enemies as the Seer.

    SYNCED’s PvE mode sees a squad of three Runners exploring the abandoned wasteland, overrun industrial facilities, dark caves, and more to go up against hordes of Nanos and powerful bosses, gather resources and piece by piece reduce the Nano infection that took hold of the Meridian. In PvP, it’s time to take on other Runners and Nanos in a fight to gain the most Nerva before the harvesters leave the map and your time runs out.

    Similar to classic looter shooters, Runners can obtain resources in PvE and PvP matches to build up their character, while also unlocking powerful weapons and mods.

    During the successful Open Beta test that ended in January, the team at NExT listened to player feedback and based on those learnings has since been implementing changes to improve the overall gameplay experience ahead of SYNCED’s full launch. These include:

    • Solo Mode – for those Runners who want to face the Meridian alone (save for their Nano Companions)
    • Increased influence of Nanos – a greater range of Nano mods now provides access to more skills, abilities and tactics on the battlefield
    • New traversal modes – used well, speed dash, increased jump ability and a hover-board can give players a real advantage in the heat of the action
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